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In every project we are trying to disclose the unique language of computer game that would allow it to become as meaningful as possible, to become a new art form of the upcoming era.

We are striving to create a sense of "breeze holes" in the boundary between the game and the gamer. These breezes have to constantly disturb the person, reminding him that his actions in the game will not only make an imprint on his hard drive, but also on his soul and on his destiny. Our approach to the gaming process is truly revolutionary just because it allows a person to touch, experience, and reflect upon the boundaries of the game, its form, and the dialogue of the game and the gamer in a new way. It is not a boast, but a bitter regret. It is equivalent to saying, "I am a criminal." Do not think that "revolutionary" means "pleasant." A revolution is always linked with many inconveniences. If we create a new type of game, our addressee is not a consumer; he is a coauthor.

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